FSHM Weekly - 12/1/20

FSHM Weekly - 12/1/20

We have been witnessing Internet shutdown in our country in recent times. It is also of utmost importance to have Communication tools that can withstand natural disasters. To create awareness and to educate people on building their tools to aid us in these dire situations, we have been conducting sessions on developing an alternative network. We had introductory courses on building Mesh-Networks, Community Infrastructure, disaster-resilient tools.

Last week, we had an in-depth session on Installing(Flashing) Custom Open-Source Firmware on Network devices and Introduction to Electromagnetic Spectrum.


  1. FOSS based approach for Firmware
  2. OpenWRT vs. DDWRT Vs. other proprietary Firmware
  3. Installing Custom firmware in Routers - Demo
  4. Introduction to Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Routers used:

  • TP-Link WR841ND V10
  • Linksys WRT54G

Followed by that, we had a discussion on financial planning for the follow-up events.

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