30/09/18 - Python Programming - 1

Detailed minutes for the first Python Programming session of the year with FAQ and followup.

30/09/18 - Python Programming - 1

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As this is merely minutes of the meeting, the technical content would be put up on another post.


  1. Kamal explained what programming is, why is it required for computers and how people today do it. He compared the syntax of Python with C & Java to illustrate the simplicity of the language. He also gave examples for the use of Python programming language in many fields. He helped the audience start with Python.
  2. Prasanna gave the analogy of recipes and cook's preference to explain why there are so many different versions of Python & C programming language. He also explained the difference between high level & low level programming language and mentioned that over time every software developer would learn both high level & low level skills to understand the complete picture of the computer system.
  3. Upilli started an icebreaker round helping the participants come to know about each other, what they are expecting from the session and how they came to know about it. He also listed few technical merits of a skilled programmer.
  4. Ganesh explained about the use of Python in CNC machinery. He introduced PyCAM (http://pycam.sourceforge.net/) to the audience which generates the required GCode for the machine to work.
  5. Ragulkanth helped the participants familiarize themselves with Python using variables, mixing data types, printing strings with various examples.

Questions raised

What are the tools available for writing programs in Python?

Python is supported through various extensions in all popular code editors like Emacs, Vim, Atom, VSCode, Kate and Elementary Code. Python has multiple dedicated IDEs like KDevelop and LiClipse.

Is learning C important to understand Python?

No. C & Python are languages on the opposite sides of the spectrum. A beginner is well advised to learn Python to start programming web applications, games, machine learning but an expert can learn more about how software & operating system works by learning C.

What is Syntax?

Just like Tamil has its grammar, programming language's grammar is called Syntax.

What makes a good programmer?

Understanding the requirement and programming just enough to fit the need is one of the characteristics of a good programmer.

Can Python be used to program CNC machines?

PyCAM (http://pycam.sourceforge.net/) is a tool that can be used to instruct CNC machines.

Notes from organizers

  1. The discussion room was full with participants which caused discomfort through excessive heat and poor ventilation on a warm midday.
The pedestal fan being repaired by Ganesh, Maniraj & Ragul for upcoming sessions

2. Better tools are being put together to help the participants engage with Python in an easier way.


  1. Arunekumar
  2. Ganesh
  3. Kamalavelan
  4. Maniraj
  5. Ragulkanth
  6. Prasanna
  7. Uppili


  1. D. Anushuya
  2. P. Baladitya
  3. V. Hariharan
  4. S. Harish Nawaz
  5. G. Kiruthiga
  6. Meenakshi M.
  7. V. Pavithran
  8. Rathina Kumarasami
  9. N. Salma
  10. Sanjivy K.
  11. R. Srilatha
  12. S. Sushanth
  13. T. Tamizh Selvan
  14. R. Vasanth
  15. Vijayakumar M.