Life, Labour, Tech. - 3

Life, Labour, Tech. - 3

Most of our friends, family, loved ones, etc... let alone leave us - who works and keep hands dirty in the field of information, computation and mathematics – are still ignorant about the influence that technology creates in every day life. In the last post... Life, Labour, Tech - 1 of this series, i have emphasised the role of media, important of alternatives that take into account of human behaviour and social reality, and the necessity of organising socially based on labour, and progressive common interests.

In this post, let us see how online gaming/gambling persuades individuals to be a surviving animal despite the potential to get socialised. I hope somewhere along my narration there will be a moral and real empathy. I have drawn a flow diagram to make my narration a little more expressive.

Attention driven Surveillance always engages to bog down the individual with psychological tools to manipulate behaviour, to make it socially more profitable for the platform that serves the interest of the technocratic, capitalistic, oppressive funders and founders.

Hyper Individualism

Step 1 : We are all born in a society that has environments conditioned to program us with most of the conservative as well as addictive things, which we are not even aware of. Furthermore, economic systems in place that consider individuals life as a mere number/head count, that can possibly take care of the social welfare and care. In any patriarchal, capitalistic society all gender suffer from crisis of employment each with varying degrees of pain and injustice. Thus each of those who experiences pain, searches for relief. Thus the demand is born for any mass addictive behaviour.

Step 2 : With more and more technocratic solutions and technocratic business models and tech. giants keep rising, for social issues - more individualistic behaviour and traits of dark triad gets induced and infused into one's life, and this happens on a mass level. Since recognition of problem is not easy and require awareness to identify and express without hesitation, fear of leaving out, etc... most of the times the effects gets reflected back, cocooned, and thus pressure increases by manifesting a internal battle.

Privatized Socialization

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

Privatized Revenue Generation

Step 5 :

Step 6 :