Accounts - September 2018

September 2018 was a busy financial month with a lot of donations & varied expenses. This shines light on that.

Accounts - September 2018

Banner Credits: Katerina Limpitsouni & Aggelos Gesoulis

This is the first accounts report for 2018. This report consists of the donations received for #SFDPY18 and the expenses around it.

Report's PDF link -

Accounting & report done using GNUCash (

Thanks to Maniraj for his efforts in purchasing the required materials during the SFD and regular meetups. He also coordinated with Kamal to provide accurate accounts for the expenditure.

Need for money

FSHM needs money for the following on a regular basis.

  1. Meetings - Snacks, drinking water, coffee / tea
  2. Server - Hosting blog, FSHM's files
  3. Stationary - Paper, marker
  4. Printing - Letters, manuals
  5. Electricals & Fittings - Repairing the pedestal fan at Maitri

SFDPY18 expenses

There are other expenses incidental to the organizing of SFD.

  1. Printing - Certificates, color posters, handouts, invitation letters.
  2. Stationary - Threaded A4 envelope.
  3. Postage - Stamp cost for posting formal invitation to institutions
  4. Allowances - Food & Travel for volunteers traveling from distant places.
  5. Food - Lunch, buttermilk